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    The 3 Greatest Moments In 5G Sim Only Deals History

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    Top 5 SIM Only Deals in the UK

    Finding a new SIM only deal could be tempting if you have recently moved to a new area and are in search of a better mobile phone deal. But, if you want to ensure you get the best deal, you should do some research. There are lots of great options available that you can pick from.

    Sky Mobile

    Sky Mobile's latest offer requires that you have a 5G-ready phone. For 5G sim only Contracts a cost of PS5 per month, you'll be able enjoy high-speed download speeds, buffer free video streaming and a super-smooth experience on the go. You'll need to sign up for a contract to benefit from it.

    It's not just the 5G technology that's new in Sky Mobile's latest offering. In addition, they're offering exclusive Sky TV features to their subscribers. They can also unlock locked phones for no cost.

    Sky Mobile is a popular option due to its numerous great features. For instance, they offer free streaming for Sky apps and WiFi calling. Customers also get access to special events and offers. This means you can make use of your phone to stream Sky content and talk to friends and family at the while.

    They also offer excellent value on SIM only deals. They are much less expensive than counterparts and provide a wide range of deals. The best deal is the 5G plan, which comes with 50GB of 5G data at no additional cost. This should be enough to keep you connected in the majority of places.

    Sky Mobile also received great reviews for its service. They're particularly adept at providing high-quality coverage. This is a major win in this mobile age. They offer 99% coverage via their 4G network. It is also extremely reliable.

    Lebara Mobile

    Among the UK mobile networks, Lebara Mobile offers some of the cheapest SIM only deals. You can buy an unlocked mobile phone to use with your Lebara SIM and receive free international calls. These plans are great for travelers who need to keep in touch with family and friends back home.

    Lebara has been in existence for a long time. It began as a provider international telephone cards. In the years since then it has expanded into PAYG SIM cards across Europe. It also provides reliable 5G service and 4G connectivity for a cheap prices.

    Lebara Mobile does not tie you to long-term contracts, unlike other SIM-only plans. You can cancel at any moment. They don't charge you any fees or make credit checks. You can also upgrade your phone with bolt-ons if needed.

    Lebara offers a variety of different plans, including a 12-month SIM only plan. It's a cost-per-month fixed plan, however, subscribers receive 10% off their monthly bill. Because Lebara's billing has an automatic limit that discount is accessible.

    Lebara offers several types of SIM only plans, 5g sim only Contracts which range from 3GB to unlimited. All of them come with unlimited text and calls to the UK. You can also use Lebara's bundle code to call 41 countries.

    Lebara SIM only plans are ideal for frequent travelers. There are no contracts to sign, no cancellation fees, and no data rollovers. You can also purchase used phones to use with your Lebara SIM.


    Whether you are in a tight spot or simply need to reduce your monthly costs, GiffGaff SIM only deals are a good way to get. They provide the same advantages of a traditional network with 5G coverage available in 190+ locations across the UK. However, they also have lower prices than the rival networks.

    GiffGaff SIM only deals can be purchased on the internet. You have the option to select from a variety of plans that offer unlimited texts and minutes and data. You can also buy various phones. You can choose from refurbished or brand new phones. You can also make a loan to purchase a handset.

    GiffGaff SIM-only offers are usually only available for one month, however they are able to be cancelled at anytime. They offer the same benefits of an established network, including outstanding customer service. They offer an online community that includes forums and members responding to queries.

    GiffGaff offers SIM-only offers in a variety of sizes. You can select from the mini SIM as well as a micro SIM or a nano SIM. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable size for you.

    GiffGaff SIM only deals usually come with unlimited minutes and texts. You can also choose to opt for data only plans. You can even get a hotspot device for your phone. These plans can help you cut down your monthly expenses , and are also eco-friendly.


    If you're in the market for an iPhone or a SIM only plan, Vodafone offers a range of deals to suit your budget. Their SIM only plans are available in 30-day, 12 month, and 24-month plans. These deals provide the best data plans at the most affordable prices. SIM only plans allow you to change your plan more often than a phone contract.

    My Vodafone is a no-cost application that is available to download. It includes features like managing your account and a two year subscription to the content. The My Vodafone app works with both Android and iOS devices.

    Vodafone offers a range of SIM only deals, which include unlimited calls, texts, and data. It is also known for its security features and excellent 4G coverage. Additionally, it provides special service benefits like the VeryMe rewards program which allows users to gain discounts and perks.

    The cheapest 5G SIM only deal from Vodafone is the Unlimited Everything Plan. This plan is the most efficient option to switch to the next-generation network. This plan includes an SIM Card that has unlimited data for PS24 per month.

    Vodafone's 5G coverage in the UK is not yet available however the network does offer coverage in many European countries. In contrast to other networks, Vodafone does not charge roaming fees in the host countries.

    Even though the cheapest Vodafone SIM-only plans might not have the most exciting features, they're cheaper than the cost of a contract. SIM-only plans can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

    Smarty Mobile

    Whether you're looking for a SIM only deal that is a little different or you're simply seeking a new network, SMARTY can provide excellent value. It is a Three-owned network that offers excellent coverage across the UK.

    SMARTY offers a variety of Data Discount Plans, which offer you a refund on any data you don't use. They're not as generous as other networks, but they're superior to nothing. They also have excellent 4G coverage as a subsidiary to Three.

    Smarty SIM-only deals have another benefit: they don't come with out-of-bundle costs, which means you can keep the number that you have when you switch networks. SMARTY also offers inclusive roaming in 34 countries when you're traveling within the EU. If you're outside of the EU, SMARTY offers a pay-as-you-go option that's cheaper than most networks.

    Smarty also offers Wi Fi Calling that lets you make calls to other Wi Fi users via the internet. It also allows unlimited UK texts. If you do not want to make calls, Smarty lets you tether your phone to a PC or tablet. The company also offers fast 5G data that is provided at no extra cost.

    And, if you're seeking a SIM only plan that's unlimited, Smarty has that too. You can choose from a 4GB or 8GB 12GB, 30GB 30 40GB, 100GB, or data plan. And, for a short time only, you'll be able to avail a 60GB data plan for PS10 a month. And, if you're looking to get the best deal, the company also offers unlimited data plans for PS20 a month.


    Verizon provides a wide range of monthly deals, whether you're a new customer or switching from a different carrier. You can mix and match your plans to meet your requirements. For instance, if you're just looking for internet access on mobile and texting, you can opt for the 5G Start plan which includes unlimited talk and texting. However, if you're looking to stream video or other data-intensive apps You may want to opt for the 5G Get More plan.

    The 5G Get More plan gives unlimited calls and texting, as well as a 50% discount on connected device plans. Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network is available to you, which is approximately 25 times faster than 4G. There is a possibility of slower speeds if you live in areas that are congested.

    Verizon provides two types of 5G services: 5G Ultra Wideband (5G Nationwide) Both plans are available via Verizon's postpaid or prepaid plans.

    Verizon's 5g sim only contracts Ultra Wideband service is available in selected areas in four cities. You will see the 5G UW logo appear on the display of your phone. It doesn't cover indoors.

    Although the 5G Nationwide plan provides slower service than 5G Ultra Wideband it provides a wider coverage. For example, the service covers Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Providence, and St. Paul. It does not include streaming service subscriptions such as Netflix or Hulu However, it does provide unlimited data.


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